8forty media company reflection on learning

English has been the subject I struggle with the most. Getting ideas and sentences from my head to paper is hard for me and that is reflective on my report cards. I took English New Media to try something new and hopefully get a better grasp on the subject. I came into the class thinking it wouldn’t be different from any other I had been in, but I was definitely wrong. The experience was totally different and I loved the fact that the class was like a working machine and that you can work at your own pace. I learned a lot of skills and tools from Mr Turner and from my peers. Weekly lessons and my jobs as a social media manager and editor greatly helped become a better writer.

Being an editor was by far the most beneficial experience for me in the class. Participating in weekly pitch and editor meetings were incredible. However, my favourite part of the job was getting to edit peers work. I treated the job very strictly because I am able to help people get a better mark in the class. Editing has also improved my writing in various aspects, and there is something I take away from every article. For example, some of the things I took away are new vocabulary words, typical grammar mistakes, and found new ways to transition between ideas. In addition, I was also a social media manager. I posted sixteen tweets on the official 8fortymag Twitter page highlighting hardly worked on articles that deserve to be read. This job forced me to read numerous articles to write posts about them, but later on, I found myself reading these articles in my free time instead. Both of these jobs helped me learn and develop new skills that I couldn’t achieve if I wasn’t in this class.

I strengthened the knowledge and skills that I have learned in previous years. I have always known how to provide accurate facts and integrate them in all of my writing pieces but this class has taught me a new and more professional way in doing so. My grammar and punctuation have also tremendously improved from being in the class. Finally, I was taught how to make an appropriate headlines that corresponds to my articles and makes the readers want to click it.  I have titled my pieces according to rubrics before, but in this class, it needs to be interesting to the viewer.

I learned many new things that I wouldn’t have learned in any other class. When writing articles I was taught about leads and kickers. Leads start off the article that set the tone of it and provides the necessary information to make the reader continue reading. Kickers end off the article providing a punch or idea for the readers to think about. However, I believe the most important thing I have learned from this class was how to properly condense my articles to make it flow and read better. In my writing, I tend to state things twice or put words into sentences that don’t need to be there, but Mr Turner along with my peers have taught me how to avoid that problem. Overall, everything that I have learned will help provide structure to my writing pieces no matter the subject.

I am extremely proud of my work for the 8forty media company. I have written two articles and have published a total of 2100 words. My first article was something I am immensely passionate about and the second was about a topic that wasn’t familiar with, but they both turned out amazing. I have learned various strategies and tools to use in the future and accomplished a lot of work. This has been my favourite English class, and I look forward to taking this class next year.


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